“I wanted to work with a personal trainer because I had recently had my second baby and wanted to get back in to shape and keep active. Before I started with Heather, I was active and healthy but finding the time to get to the gym in my busy working mother schedule was difficult. Knowing Heather was waiting for me at the gym with a great new training session was extremely motivating. I wanted to continue to be challenged in my exercise routine. Heather pushed me to try new things. Having our weekly training kept me on track. I would describe Heather as a positive coach who wants to push her clients to be the best they can be. I would recommend Heather to any new mom and person wanting to get in the gym and have a good solid workout. Heather kept track of our workouts each week. Every session was different from the last but also built on past exercises. After our sessions ended, Heather even gave me the workouts to keep and use on my own. Heather is a great trainer and I would highly recommend her to others.”
– Julie K., Washington D.C.