“[I had] thought about signing up with a personal trainer for a long time. I wished to work with a personal trainer to help motivate me to exercise with intention on a regular basis and to learn what exercises could help me develop a stronger, flexible, and more fit body. Heather Hingston was the perfect trainer for me. I could count on her being there at 6 am on Mondays and Thursdays ready to get me to work my body, and to adjust movements as needed. She was positive, encouraging, and didn’t allow me to engage in any negative self-talk, which I really appreciated. In 26 hours over four months plus additional physical activities, I glided onto the dance floor of my 50th birthday party with a big smile on my face because I felt strong and fit and confident. Thank you Heather for helping me reach my goal! I could not have done it without you. You rock!”
– Connie C., Washington D.C.