Personal Training

As a personal trainer, my ultimate goal is to teach you how cultivate a fitness routine that fits you and your lifestyle so that you don’t even need me. Yep. I want to put myself out of business one day.

Over 67% of Americans are overweight (33% are obese). The vast majority of us have a day job that keeps us chained to our chairs–myself included! Exercise is one of the biggest ways we can get back on track and live healthier, longer lives.

After more than 20 years of trying, the fad diets, creams, and “magic pills” have proven that quick fixes just don’t work. The only thing that will get you the results you want–regardless of whether you just want to tone up a little or lose 100 lbs–is consistency.

My job is to start you out on the right foot so that “falling off the wagon” is practically impossible for you. By working with me, you get:

  • Exercises that are tailored to you and your body.
    Knee injury? No problem. Hate running but want more cardio? I’ve got you covered.
  • A book of workouts you can keep after our time together.
    Depending on your program, that’s over a dozen personalized workouts you can use forever. No more worrying about what to do when you’re at the gym alone.
  • Tips on how to scale back or increase the intensity of your workouts.
    Once you fly out of my proverbial nest, you’ll need to know how to adjust your workouts so that plateaus are nowhere in sight. You’ll be completely self-sufficient and ready to tackle your next goal.
  • Your own personal cheerleader who’s dedicated to your success.
    I’m not here to shame you into eating better or bark at you like a drill sergeant when you do squats. I’m here to see you in a healthy, strong body you love that functions the way it should.

Ready to start achieving your health and fitness goals?

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What happens during your free session?

  • We identify your goals, your current routine and any medical conditions that might affect your program.
  • We review your eating habits and nutrition to ensure its helping you achieve your goals.
  • We conduct a movement analysis of your body to check for muscle imbalances.
  • We go through a workout together that’s personalized just for you and your goals.

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